Olympic Steeple Medalist  Courtney Frerichs Has Unfinished Business!

By Jeff Benjamin

One would think that armed with Silver medals earned from the World Cup, World Championships, and the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, Steepler Courtney Frerichs might feel satisfied.

But, on the contrary, The Nike Bowerman Track Star is still gunning for Gold!

“I still have more in me,” said Frerichs, who will compete in her signature event this weekend in Eugene. “I fully believe that I can go for and get a Gold Medal!”

A very consistent runner at the highest level, Frerichs also had to battle injury last year, and while competing “under the radar” of most track fans, the 30-year-old competitor has been progressively gearing up.

“In December, I had ankle surgery,” said Frerichs. “With support from my Coach (Jerry Schumacher), I shifted to cross-training and learned that this was part of the Sport as well.”

Under Scumacher’s guidance, Frerichs has achieved great success throughout the years. “Jerry’s always making tweaks to the training and it’s always focused on building strength.”

Courtney Frerichs, Mixed Zone, 2022 WC, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Building strength is only one facet of Frerich’s preparations. The mental approach is just as important as well.

“A few years ago, I shifted mentally from being “results-driven” to showing up and doing my best,” said Frerichs in another progressive strategy.

Once again, that progressiveness and drive have brought Frerichs to the starting line this upcoming weekend at USATF to try and earn a spot in August’s World Championships in Budapest. But Frerichs is also keeping it all in perspective.

“I’m ready to go for it in 2023, but it’s not the be-all to end-all,” said Frerichs, seeing the vision of Paris at next year’s Olympic Games.

“I’m also gearing for 2024.”