This was the finest day that Chicago has seen to race marathon in over a decade! And Carey Pinkowski assembled a tremendous field to make this one a race not to forget!

My six Deep thoughts:

Kelvin Kiptum, it is his world, we just observe in it! The Kenyan is twenty-three years old. While he told the assembled media that he was happy with the pace making, he was rid of the 4 pacers by 10 miles, and raced with his training partner, Daniel Mateiko through 32-33 kilometers. Then, Kelvin ran a 4;22, then a 4:18, and then, a 4:24. His pace was tremendous as he crossed the line at WR of 2:00.35! And that was his third marathon?

Kelvin Kiptum, the man and his record! photo by Kevin Morris

Sifan Hassan, what is next? “Sifan Hassan is the happiest distance runner that I have ever seen.” one keen observer told me on Saturday. Hassan broke Ruth Chepn’getich and ran the second fastest women’s time in the marathon in only her second marathon, with her 2:13.44. I believe, that if she chooses, Sifan Hassan can medal in the 5,000m, 10,000m and marathon in Paris 2024.

Sifan Hassan, Chicago Marathon 2023, photo by Kevin Morris

Marcel Hug and  Katherine Debrunner, set Course records in the  Wheelchair. Marcel Hug won the Men’s race by 8:57! His 1:22.37 shows that the Swiss star, setting a CR of 1:22.37 is the dominating athlete of his sport! Katherine Debrunner won by a scant 2 seconds, making it a terribly exciting race in a CR of 1:38:44 CR with Susannah Scaroni (USA), 1:38.46 and Tatyana McFadden (USA), 1:41.17.
Marcel Hug, Chicago Marathon 2023, photo by Kevin Morris

Catherine Debrunner, Chicago Marathon 2023
Abbott Chicago 5K, photo by Kevin Morris

Connor Matz and Clayton Young, training partners, ran 2:07.47 and 2:08.00, both making Olympic standard. Galen Rupp ran 2:08.48, and Sam Chelange ran 2:08.50, just missing the 2:08.10 Oly standards. Coach Ed Eyestone must have been proud of his athletes, Matz and Young.

Training partners Connor Mantz and Clayton Young score PBs and Oly qualifiers! photo by Kevin Morris

Emily Sisson was first American woman in 2:22.09, after having suffered a side stitch for the last 8 miles. Molly Seidel, Olympic bronze medalist, ran her finest race in some time with a strong 2:23.07 for 8th place!

Emily Sisson, top American, Chicago Marathon, photo by Kevin Morris

Des Linden broke the American masters record of Deena Kastor with her 2:27.35! Des went on to praise Emily, Emma Bates, Molly Seidel and the plethora of American women racing well with unique training programs.

Des Linden ran a 2:27.35 AR masters marathon in Chicago, photo by Shoe Addicts archives