This is EME News’ piece on the new SPAR European Cross Country senior men’s champion, Yann Shrub, the first man to win from France.

Schrub surprised

PARIS (FRA): On Sunday, Yann Schrub became the first Frenchman to win the senior men’s race at the European Cross Country Championships. In an interview for the French Athletics Federation, he noted his surprise at this fact. “I did not know. I am even more proud of it. This title was unexpected. Well, I had it in the back of my mind, but not to that extent. I’m really happy to see that the form is there at the right time. I went from strength to strength, and my choices this year paid off”. He was previously undertaking a medical internship course and has recently modified this to dedicate more time to training. His future plans include a 3000m indoor race in Metz and the Valencia 10k in mid-January.

Yann Shrub with his chicken, SPAR European Athletics Cross Country Champs, photo by Getty Images for European Athletics

RunBlogRun comments: The conditions in Brussels were difficult. The rain, which pelted the course for the entire night before the SPAR European Athletics Cross Country Champs, made the loops difficult. The competitors used to challenging cross-country conditions, took the muddy and sloppy course in stride. Yann Shrub kept his cool and showed amazing poise in a race where conditions changed each and every footstep.
Remember, dear readers, that this was not the manicured golf course that many are used to in North America. Cross Country courses in Europe are primitive, and the competitors are proud of that!

Check out the link below for a video and photo of the conditions of the 2023 SPAR European Athletics Cross Country Course conditions for competitors and photographers, who were trying to follow the action!

Yan Shrub wins the senior Men’s event at 2023 SPAR European Cross Country, photo by Getty Images for European Athletics

What will Yann Shrub do next? Well, a 3,000 meters in Metz and a 10k road in Valencia will test his speed and endurance, but my guess is Yann will handle it with style and a ferocious kick.

Good luck, Yann Shrub, as you are the champion of Europe in cross country!

Two Views of the 2023 SPAR European Athletics Cross Country Champs