The success of a meet is built over performances, races, and entertainment. Tony Campbell and Robert Wagner have put together, in a few short years, a wonderfully exciting meet in Miramar, Florida! 

This year, they truly put the meet on the map! 

The 2023 Miramar Invitational provided some incredible racing today, April 8, 2023.

Sha’Carri Richardson, one of the most hyperbolic athletes in our sport, started her 2023 outdoor season with two impressive races.

In heat 1, Twanisha Terry ran 10.89, with a 4.5 mps, with Javianne Oliver in second in 11.08.

In heat 2, Destiny Smith-Barnett ran 11.11 for the win, with a legal 2.0 mps, Melissa Jefferson in second in 11.16, and Kasheika Cameron in 11.22.

In heat 3, Sha’Carri Richardson ran 10.75 in a 2.8 mps, over the 2.0 mps limit. English Gardner ran in 11.09 for second, and Natasha Morrison ran third in 11.13.

Sha’Carri Richardson, USATF Outdoor Track and Field, Championships held at Hayward Field, University of Oregon, June 23-26, 2022, photo by Kevin Morris

In the women’s long, Ruth Usoro, NIG, won with a leap of 6.82m, Taliyah Brooks, US took second with 6.65m, and Chanice Porter, JAM, third in 6.59.

Like the women’s 100 meters, the men’s 100 heats were impressive.

Oblique Seville, JAM, won heat 1 in 9.95 with a legal 1.8 mps wind. Ronnie Baker, US, ran 10.01, with Andrew Hudson, JAM, in third in 10.07.

Miramar Invite, photo from Miramar Invitational

Ackeem Blake, JAM, took first in the second heat in 10.05 with a non-legal wind of 2.8 mps. Aaron Brown, CAN was second in 10.10. Cravont Charleston ran 10.12 for third.

In heat 3, Emmanuel Matadi, Liberia, won in 10.08 in a non-legal 2.1 mps. Kyree King, US, ran 10.15 in second place, and Oshane Bailey, JAM, ran 10.18.

In the men’s long jump, an impressive 8.25 meter with a nonlegal 4.5mps by Will Williams. Will scored a PB on his opener with his 8.25m. Natsuki Yamakawa, JPN was second in an SB of 8.00m (wind a legal 2.0 mps), and Dhanushka Sandaruwan, SRK of 7.92m in a legal 0.9 wind.

The 400-meter hurdle was won by Amere Lattin, US, in 50.22. Gabrielle Montefalco, ITA, was second in 50.26, with Marvin Williams, JAM, in 52.74.

The women’s shot put was a nice show for Danniel Thomas-Dodd, JAM, who won in 18.48m. Adelaide Aquilla, US, was second in 18.26m, and in third, Divine Oladipo, GB, in 16.49m.

We sure know that Shamier Little, US, is in shape! In the flat 400 meters, Shamier ran 50.73, winning by a huge margin. In second, Charokee Young, JAM, 51.58, and Sherika Jackson, the favorite, finished in third, 51.64.

The women’s 100m final had two heats.

In heat 1, Cambrea Sturgis, US, ran 10.98 in a non-legal 3.2 mps wind. In second, Taylor Anderson, USA, ran 11.11; in third, Shockoria Wallace, JAM, ran 11.13.

In a spectacular second heat, Sha’Carri Richardson, US, controlled the race from the very first steps, running a 10.57 in a non-legal 4.1 mps wind. Twanisha Terry, US, took second in 10.83, and Natasha Morrison, JAM, ran 11.05.

How big is this performance? Only the number three All time performance under any wind conditions! Sha’Carri Richardson has done exactly what she needed to do, executing flawlessly her heat and final and even showing a little pizzazz right before the finish!

The ironic thing is this: Sha’Carri Richardson has the talent to battle the very best in the world. Our story, by Deji Ogeyingbo begged the question, just how bad does Sha’Carri want it? Obviously, she wants to be the very best.

The men’s 100-meter final.

In heat 1 of the men’s final, Cravont Charleston, US, ran 10.02 in a non-legal 2.4 mps wind. Eric Harrison, JR. TTO takes second in 10.06. Cejhae Greene, ANT, ran 10.09.

In a superb early season final, Oblique Seville, JAM, wins in 9.91, a non-legal wind of 2.2 mps. Ackeem Blake, JAM was second in 9.93. Aaron Brown, CAN was third in 9.97, Ronnie Baker ran 9.98 for fourth, and Jerome Blake, CAN, in fifth in 10.05.

In the women’s 100-meter hurdles, Tonea Marshall, US, won in 12.62. In second, Amol Brown, JAM, was second in 12.69. Anna Cockrell, US was third in 12.73, and Amber Hughes, US, 12.96. The hurdles were run in a non-legal 2.2 MPS.

In the men’s 110m hurdles, in a non-legal 2.2 mps wind, Eric Edwards of the US ran 13.21 for the win. Orlando Bennett, JAM, ran 13.37 for second. Rafael Pereira, BRA, ran 13.40 for third, and Damion Thomas, JAM, was 4th in 13.42, and Shane Brathwaite, BAR, was 5th in 13.59.

Ryan Sanchez, PUR, won the Men’s 800 meters in 1:46.59. Rajay Hamilton, JAM, was second in 1:47.42, and Kameron Jones, US, was third in 1:47.47. The race went out fast, in 51.76 for the first 400 meters.

Ajee’ Wilson takes USATF Indoor 2022 800m, photo by Kevin Morris

Ajee’ Wilson won the women’s 800 meters, and the World Indoor Champion won in an evenly paced race, taking the 800m in 2:02.95. Ajee’ did her patented stay behind, hitting 400m in 61.06 with Shafiqua Maloney, VIN, leading in 60.69 and
Kendra Chambers, US in 61.26. Ajee’ took the command and took the win, with Shafiqua Maloney taking second in 2:04.98, and Chambers in 2:06.29. Ajee’ Wilson wins races like that in her sleep.

The final event was the 200 meters.

In the Men’s 200 meters, Christian Coleman, US, and Letsile Tebogo, BOTS, ran 20.00 now, with Coleman giving the win in 19.996 and Tebogo in 19.999. Kenny Bednarek, US, was third in 20.37, and Brendan Rodney, CAN, in 20.42.

In the final event of the Miramar Invite, Abby Steiner, the US won in 22.23. Tamari Davis, US, was second in 22.31 PB, with Kayla White, US in 22.44. Anthonique Strachan, BAH, ran 22.70 for fourth.

Abby Steiner, in PUMA’s Evospeed Tokyo Nitro track spike, photo by PUMA communications

Obviously, Abby Steiner is showing her early season level of fitness, but the story of the meet is Sha’Carri Richardson.

The drive to Budapest has started.

Link to complete results from Miramar Invitational: