“I wanted to do 1cm more to improve our national record, but it did not happen. My coach told me after the first 8.65m that I should push myself even more because I could do it. I told him that I did five jumps around 8.50, all of them, and I felt tired. I am dead; I gave my everything,” Tentoglou said.

“Here in Rome, I won my seventh gold medal at a European Championships, and as Rome was built on seven hills, I wanted to have a medal for each hill. It was an amazing crowd. Thanks to the Italians and Croatians who came here to support me. I knew that I was the best one here and that I could throw far. But I am still a human, and I get a little nervous. It is emotional because this is my first medal for my husband and me under Elkasevic as if a new girl were in town. I won six under the name Perkovic, and this is the first one for our family. And that gold goes to him,” Sandra Elkasevic.

Miltiadis Tentoglou (842 – X – 849 – 845 – 865 – 865) 3+1 world leads, only Carl Lewis and Robert Emmiyan jumped in one competition 865 or more twice. Sandra Elkasevic – seven consecutive titles right with first throw, and first athlete in the history of European champs to win 7 gold medals.

831 enough only for bronze in the long jump and 12.31 improvement by Cyrena Samba-Mayela. She came to the championships with 12.52 and competed for the first time this summer in Europe.

MEDALS ( 18 countries)
ITA 5-4-1, NED 1-1-1, FRA 1-1-0, NOR 1-1-0, BEL 1-0-1

POINTS (28 countries)
ITA 82, ESP 48.5, NED 41, FRA 37.5, GBR 37, GER 34, SUI 31, SWE 26, BEL 22


Yes (6): Schilder, Tentoglou, Thiam, Ingebrigtsen (5000m), Jacobs, Elkasevic

No (5): Ntrismpioti (20kmW), Alekna, Skrzyszowska, Martínez, Mihaljevic

NC (2): Klosterhalfen, Martín


WL (5): 841 long jump Ehammer, 3:09.92 mixed 4x400m Ireland, 6848 heptathlon Thiam, 12.31 100m hurdles Samba-Mayela, 865 long jump Tentoglou

CR (6): 3:09.92 mixed 4x400m Ireland, 14:35.29 5000m Battocletti, 6848 heptathlon Thiam, 12.31 100m hurdles Samba-Mayela, 865 long jump Tentoglou, 22.45 shot put Fabbri

U20WR (1): 838 long jump Furlani

EL (8): 841 long jump Ehammer, 3:09.92 mixed 4x400m Ireland, 6848 heptathlon Thiam, 12.43+12.31 100m hurdles Samba-Mayela, 865 long jump Tentoglou, 13.20+13.05 110m hurdles Simonelli

U20ER (1): 838 long jump Furlani

NR (13): 5 – ITA; 2 – FRA; 1 – BEL, ESP, EST, FIN, IRL, SUI

AGENTS (individual gold medals)
3 – Marcello Magnani; 2 – Alfons Juck, Daniel Wessfeldt; 1- Tom Bosworth, Marius Kranendonk, Benjamin Soreau, Kim Vanderlinden, Federico Rosa. And Palmisano has no agent.

STATS (by Ken Nakamura)

6.84 by Kalin (also NR) is the longest LJ during the Heptathlon in Euro Champ, replacing 6.79 by Anke Behmeer from 1986

This is the first gold for Sweden at the 20km Walk in Euro Champ; Karstrom won silver two years ago, so this is his second medal. 1:19:13 is the fifth fastest 20km Walk time in Euro Champ. This is Sweden’s 31st gold, first in walking.
It is also the fastest performance in Roma, replacing 1:19:22 by Wang Zheng from 2016.

800m semi
1:45.03 by Tual is the fastest semi of 800m in Euro Cham, replacing 1:45.64 by Viali from 1990. 1:46.00 by Ryan Clarke is the quickest time that failed to make the final of 800m in Euro Champ, replacing 1:46.18 by Loginov from 1994

W100mH semi
12.43 by SambaMayela is second fastest time for W100mH in Euro Champ; only Dokova`s 12.38 from 1986 is faster;.it is also the fastest semi-time in Euro Champ. 12.84 by Wojtunik is the fastest time that failed to qualify for the final of W100mH in Euro Champ, replacing 12.87 by Akimova from 1986.

The best 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place long jumps were recorded for Euro Champ. For the first time ever, the top 8 went over 8 m at Eurochamps.

6848 is Thiam’s championship record for the Euro Champ Heptathlon, replacing 6823 by Ennis in 2010. BEL won gold and bronze and became the first country other than the Soviet or Germany (GDR, FRG) to win multiple medals at the Euro Champ Heptathlon. Thiam became the first three-time winner of the Euro Champ Heptathlon.

12.31 by Samba-Mayela is the Championships record for W100mH, replacing 12.38 By Donkova from 1986. Best marks for place for 1st to 3rd in Euro Champ were set for W100mH. 0.14-sec ties the second largest difference between 3rd and 4th for W100mH in Euro Champ.

13.05 by Simonelli is the fourth fastest time for 110mH in the Euro Champs. First ITA winner in 110mH in Euro Champ since 1969.

22.45 by Fabbri is the championship record as well as the longest SP on Roman soil. First ITA gold by Fabbri in SP at Euro Champs. Only the second Italian medal in Euros since 1950.

Seventh gold for Elkasevic (Perkovic) in WDT at Euro Champ. First medal for POR at WDT in Euro Champ by Liliana Ca. Van Klinken became third thrower (after Zibina and Press) to win a medal SP and DT in Euro Champ First double medalist since Press in 1962..

Jakob Ingebrigtsen won third gold at the 5000m in Euro Champ, matching Mo Farah’s gold medal count.

Jacobs became the fifth 100m sprinter to win the event twice at Euro Champ. The first 1-2 finish by ITA in Euro Champ


ROME (ITA): Robin Ganter of Germany withdrew from the 100m final. He was replaced by Denmark’s Simon Hansen according to the Replacement Policy. In the first semifinal, after two runners did not hear, the second shot of the starter was rerun after the third one. Again, Poland’s Wdowik false started, and it was allowed to run under protest. It all happened 45 minutes after the starting time of the race.

ROME (ITA): Slovenia’s Tina Šutej has canceled her participation in the pole vault qualification. She injured the biceps of her right arm during a training session in Celje last Sunday and will not defend her bronze from the previous European Championships.

ROME (ITA): Decathlon world record holder Kevin Mayer arrived at a Euro with only Olympic qualification at stake. “I’m ready to do the minimums (8460 points). In my mind, this is the last chance. I don’t want to think that there are still decathlons to come. I’m not a professional qualifier. In 2021 and 2016, I already struggled,” he told journalists at the French Institute in Rome from L’Equipe.

ROME (ITA): The super level of the men’s long jump confirmed the qualities of the jumping area in Stadio Olimpico. Let’s see what it will bring to other jumping events.

ROME (ITA): The evening session also brought many spectators.