ROMA 2024 DAY 4

“I tried high-altitude training to manage this transition from indoors, and everything felt in the right place, so I am glad that everything is going quite well right now. For the rest of the season, my goal is to try to get a medal in relays at the Olympics and maybe an individual one, too. I am totally taped in, so I was not even confident if I started the race because I was full of pain. And finishing the race like this is just amazing,” Alexander Doom.

“We joke with my coach that my grandmother can still throw well and win a medal. Because I am kind of an older competitor, we joke like this, and it is also nice motivation for me to continue. Sometimes, before the attempt, he shouts at me: Come on, granny! And a granny can maybe win an Olympic medal, too. We still have two months to prepare for Paris, and I still have some reserve in my technique,” Anita Wlodarczyk.

Both 400m champions, Natalia Kaczmarek in 48.98, new NR (Szewinska 49.29 from 1976), and Alexander Doom in 44.15, second best European time ever.

Timothé Mumenthaler, 21 years old, defeated all expected favourites in the 200m. His best before 2024 was 20.50. “These are my first European championships, and my first target was to get to the final. Then I was hoping for a medal. But it would be bold to say that I expected a gold medal.”

MEDALS (24 countries)
ITA 8-6-3, FRA 4-2-3, GBR 2-3-4, POL 2-2-2, SUI 2-1-4, IRL 2-1-0, NOR 2-1-0

POINTS (33 countries)
ITA 155, FRA 109, GBR 102.5, ESP 95.5, GER 93, SUI 58, POL 54, NED 53


Yes (8): Schilder, Tentoglou, Thiam, Ingebrigtsen (5000m), Jacobs, Elkasevic, Mahuchikh, Nowicki

No (10): Ntrismpioti (20kmW), Alekna, Skrzyszowska, Martínez, Mihaljevic, Gega, Lückenkemper, Murto, Raitanen, Ghelber

NC (8): Klosterhalfen, Martín, Bekh-Romanchuk, García, Muir, Hudson-Smith, Bol (400m), Hughes


WL (5): 841 long jump Ehammer, 3:09.92 mixed 4x400m Ireland, 6848 heptathlon Thiam, 12.31 100m hurdles Samba-Mayela, 865 long jump Tentoglou, WL outdoor Peleteiro 14.85

CR (9): 3:09.92 mixed 4x400m Ireland, 14:35.29 5000m Battocletti, 6848 heptathlon Thiam, 12.31 100m hurdles Samba-Mayela, 865 long jump Tentoglou, 22.45 shot put Fabbri, 1:01:03 half marathon Crippa, 1:08:09 half marathon Grovdal, 44.15 400m Doom

U20WR (1): 838 long jump Furlani

EL (13): 841 long jump Ehammer, 3:09.92 mixed 4x400m Ireland, 6848 heptathlon Thiam, 12.43+12.31 100m hurdles Samba-Mayela, 865 long jump Tentoglou, 13.20+13.05 110m hurdles Simonelli, 14.85 triple jump Peleteiro-Compaoré, 10.96 100m Asher-Smith, 9:16.22 Finot steeple, 201 Mahuchikh outdoor EL, 48.98 400m Kaczmarek

U23ER (1): 12.40 100H Kambundji

U20ER (1): 838 long jump Furlani


AGENTS (individual gold medals)
3 – Marcello Magnani, Daniel Wessfeldt; 2 – Alfons Juck, Federico Rosa, Ricky Simms, Benjamin Soreau; 1- René Auguin, Tom Bosworth, Gianni Demadonna, Aivar Karotamm, Marius Kranendonk, Miguel Mostaza, Marc Osenberg, Marcin Rosergarten, Lina Simons, Kim Vanderlinden, Czeslaw Zapala, Riad Ouled, Florian Clivaz. Palmisano has no agent.

STATS (by Ken Nakamura)

48.07 by Sibilio is the fastest semi of 400mH in Euro Champ, replacing 48.38 by Warholm from 2022. 48.44 by Happio is the fastest time that it failed to make the final 400mH in Euro Champ, replacing 49.13 by Dobek in 2014.

54.73 by Muraro is the fastest time that failed to qualify for the final of W400mH in Euro Champ, replacing 55.31 by Claes from 2022. Never before sub 55 was not enough for finals.

W200m semi
22.89 by Lindahl is the second fastest time that failed to qualify for the final of W200m in Euro Champ; the fastest is 22.88 by Atcho from 2018.

44.15 by Doom is a huge championship record; the previous record was 44.52 by Iwan Thomas in 1998. With 44.15, Doom is now the second fastest European at 400m. Best marks for a place 400m in Euro Champ were recorded for 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 7th places. 2nd gold for BEL, the first since 2010 when Kevin Borlee won the gold for BEL.

48.98 by Kaczmarek is the 5th fastest time of W400m in Euro Champ; only Koch (three times) and Kratochvilova have run faster in Euro Champ. Kaczmarek won second gold for POL at 400m in Euro Champ; Ersetic won gold for POL in 2018. Kaczmarek won the second medal at W400m in Euro Champ, having won silver in 2022. Adeleke won first medal for IRL at W400m in EUro Champ.

Medalists at 3000mSC ran 6th, 7th and 8th fastest in Euro Champ. Best marks for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th place at Euro Champ 3000mSC were recorded. Gold and silver for FRA at 3000mSC in Euro Champ, as they have done in 2010. ITA finished 1-2 in 1994 and Soviet in 1966 in this event at Euro Champ. First top 8 ever for Andorra in any event.

First gold/medal for SUI by Moser in WPV at EUro CHamp, Fifth medal for Stefanidi in WPV at Euro Champ; she has two gold and three silver now. She has won a medal in every Euro Champ since 2014

First gold for ITA by Fantini at WHT in Euro Champ; this is her second medal, having won bronze in 2022. The sixth medal for Wlodarczyk, she has four gold, bronze, and now silver, so she now has a complete set of medals. She is now second-best in medals overall behind Elkasevic.

This is SUI’s second gold at 200m in Euro Champ, its first since 1969, and its first double medal at 200m in Euro Champ.


ROME (ITA): The men’s 10,000m  will be run in 2 races, an A-race and a B-race. The composition of these races is according to European Athletics guidelines, including having the best-ranked athletes (based on qualification) in the A-race. The A-race and B-race results will be combined to determine the overall ranking and which athlete will be European Champion. The B-race is planned for Wednesday at 20:12. The A-race is planned at 21:44.

ROME (ITA): 10,000m European silver medallist and Commonwealth champion Eilish McColgan arrived to Rome on Sunday to take her place in the 10,000m field on Tuesday. “I’m not in [personal best] shape, but I’m very aware I have to show some sort of form ahead of the Olympics,” McColgan said. “I can’t just sit at home and think that I’m going to get selected [for the Olympics]. I have to prove I’m in one piece. But I’ve got nothing to lose. If you’d asked me six weeks ago, I would have said I was nowhere near ready for the Europeans. But we’ve seen glimmers where I think I can still be competitive. Am I going to be fighting for a gold medal in Paris? No, but I’m aiming to be top Brit, then top European. That’s a pretty realistic goal for me.” Via BBC.

ROME (ITA): All runners who fell and/or were affected by the fall in the second heat of the 1500m were additionally added to the final, which now will have 16 participants. They are Spaniard Ignacio Fontes, Jochem Vermeulen of Belgium, Great Britain’s Adam Fogg, Robert Farken of Germany, and Sweden’s Samuel Pihlström (but see below).

ROME (ITA): Sweden’s Samuel Pihlström has been diagnosed in a hospital in Rome with a broken wrist following the fall he suffered in today’s 1500m heats. He now has a plaster cast on his right arm, which is fixed, and he will not be able to run the final. “On Friday, the two-kilogram bandage I’m wearing now will be replaced by a light plastic splint, and it doesn’t hurt much right now. So I hope to be up and running again soon,” he said to Swedish Athletics.

ROME (ITA): Adam Sebastian Helcelet of the Czech Republic did not take part in the decathlon on the medical recommendation. He was knocked out of the competition by an illness he unknowingly brought back from Prague, he developed joint pain and a high temperature caused by a bacterial infection immediately after his arrival from Czech Athletics.

ROME (ITA): Alice Finot crossed the finish line as first in the women’s 3000m steeplechase on Sunday night. She was later disqualified due to running out of lane. Still, in the end, after a protest by the French team and per a decision of the Jury of Appeal, the results were revised again, and Finot was reinstated as the European champion. The German Athletics (DLV) informed that they just requested video inspection from European Athletics, however they were unable to review the situation, as a referee had already examined the situation and disqualified Finot. Gesa Felicitas Krause, who finished second, commented: “I’m glad that the result has now been finalized and that the sporting side of things has taken priority. I finished second, Alice Finot deserved to win gold.”

ROME (ITA): Current leaders, after the third day of competitions, in The European Athletics Gold Crown are Cyréna Samba-Mayela and Lorenzo Simonelli (sprints & hurdles), Nadia Battocletti and Gabriel Tual (middle & long distance), Sandra Elkasević and Leonardo Fabbri (throws), Yaroslava Mahuchikh and Miltiadis Tentoglou (jumps), and Nafissatou Thiam and Perseus Karlström (road, combined events & relays). Winners in each category, 5 women and five men will win the Gold Crown and will receive a prize of €50,000.