Kenni Harrison ran a superb race in the Big Apple. Thanks to a collaboration with Coach Bob Kersee, her new enthusiasm and focus have been evident in LA Grand Prix and NYC Grand Prix. 

Deji Ogeyingbo wrote this piece about the resurrection of Kenni Harrison! 

Kendra Harrison’s win in New York sets the stage for World title aspirations.

Is this the moment Kendra Harrison found her mojo? For the most part, the women’s 100m hurdles have always boiled down to fine margins. Here in New York, things weren’t different as the top two were separated by 0.01s, with Harrison pipping fast-rising sprint-hurdler Alaysha Johnson to the win. However, Harrison’s grit and tenacity stood out, a trait that seemed to be found wanting in recent times.

Harrison, the former world record holder, won in 12.29s. With a tailwind of 2.8m/s, her win once again showed she still has what it takes to take on the very best, as it potentially ignites hopes of a long-awaited world title triumph for the talented athlete who has often played second fiddle to the likes of Tobi Amusan and Jasmine Camacho-Quinn.

Kenni Harrison, USATF New York Grand Prix
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Harrison’s journey to this triumphant moment has been marked by incredible resilience and an unwavering dedication to her craft. Since bursting onto the scene, she has been a consistent force in the 100m hurdles, but the elusive world title had eluded her grasp. However, her plucky performance in New York has instilled a renewed belief in her pursuit of that coveted crown.

The New York Grand Prix victory was not merely about the time on the clock but the statement it made to her competitors and the world. It was a resounding declaration that Harrison was no longer content with being in the shadow of others. With each powerful stride, she signaled her intent to claim the spotlight for herself and fulfill her destiny as a world champion.

Prior to her win in New York, Harrison’s performance in the 100mH races this season has been consistently impressive. She has secured either first or second place in all four races so far, showcasing her strong abilities on the track. Her season’s best time of 12.35 is a testament to her speed and agility.

Kenni Harrison, USATF New York Grand Prix
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presented by Global Athletics & Marketing Inc., photo by Kevin Morris

In an effort to bounce back from her disappointing performance in the previous year’s World Championship final, Harrison made a significant change by switching coaches. Under the guidance of Bobby Kersee, a highly respected coach in the track and field community, she joined the “Formula Kersee” training group. This decision reflects her determination to improve and reach new heights in her athletic career.

With Bobby Kersee’s expertise and the support of the “Formula Kersee” training group, Harrison is poised to make a remarkable comeback. Her switch in coaches signifies a fresh start and an opportunity to refine her skills and strategies. By embracing this change, Harrison is demonstrating her commitment to achieving better results and significantly impacting upcoming competitions.

Amusan and Camacho-Quinn, the dominant figures in recent 100m hurdles competitions, have undoubtedly set the bar high. But Harrison’s performance in New York was a clear indication that she is ready to challenge their reign. With her renewed focus, the fiery determination in her eyes, and the invaluable guidance of her coach, Harrison has all the tools she needs to emerge victorious on the grandest stage of them all.

USATF New York Grand Prix
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The path to the elusive world title may have been laden with obstacles, but Harrison’s journey has prepared her for this moment and probably the world champs. The disappointment of missing out on the Olympic team in 2016 spurred her to break the world record at the London Diamond League that same year. 

Harrison’s New York triumph serves as a catalyst for her aspirations. It has reignited the fire within her, reminding her of her capabilities and the heights she can reach. The taste of victory has given her a glimpse of what lies beyond and has fueled her hunger to stand atop the world podium.

As she sets her sights on the upcoming world championships, Harrison knows that the road ahead will be arduous. The competition will be fierce, and the margin for error minuscule. However, armed with her recent success, Harrison is more determined than ever to overcome any challenges that lie in her path.

The world awaits the clash of titans as Harrison, Amusan, and Camacho-Quinn prepare to battle for the ultimate prize in Budapest. The stage is set, and the spotlight is shining brightly on Harrison. Will she seize the moment, rise above her competitors, and claim the world title that has eluded her for so long? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the world of athletics will be watching with bated breath as Harrison strives to etch her name in the annals of history.