This is Larry Eder for the RunBlogRun podcast #forshoegeeksonly!
Our shoe today is the niche winter/trail shoe from #Sarva, the Ace Star-studded edition. The price is $180.00 at Designed in Finland, Sarva has been on the market since 1981!
What do we love?
1. Great outer sole with real studs, great for ice, snow, and trail.
2. Great support! The midsole is protective and substantial.
3. Nice upper, thoughtful heel counter.
4. Strong insole gives the wearer a comfortable ride!
RunBlogRun highly recommends the Sarva Ace Star-studded edition.
Further comments: One of the issues in walking, running, and exercising is cold feet. Many running shoes do not have uppers that keep your feet warm. The SARVA Ace Star-studded edition is a real exception, as my feet did not get wet as the upper was nearly covered in snow ( I will be taking them out this weekend in the Big SNOW and providing another video).
SARVA Ace Star-Studded edition, #THE BEST GRIP ON THE PLANET!”, photo by Star Gazer Pics
I walked in five inches of snow, plus walked on ice, no slipping, and ice in Wisconsin, heck, we invented it. Normally, in niche shoes, something is missing, but the SARVA rough weather running shoes are a nice surprise: strong upper, impressive insole, great ride, strong winter cushioning, and are good on dirt, concrete, road, and ice with snow.
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