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This is Coffee with Larry for Monday, January 22, 2024.
Coffee with Larry is our almost daily podcast on all things track and field!
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Our topics:
1. The London International Cross Country Champs, results (January 20, 2204),
London International Cross Country, January 20, 2024, logo courtesy of British Athletics
2. Oliver Hinson’s story on the Open men and women’s races at USA Country,…/cooper-teare-and-weini…
Cooper Teare, 2024 USATF Cross Country Champion, photo by USATF
3. Oliver Hinson’s story on the U20 races at USA Cross Country,…/college-and-high-school…
Jolena Quarzo (3rd), Zarriel Machia (first), Allie Zealand (second), USA U20 XC, 2024, photo courtesy of USATF
4. Did you see our top 10 Americans for 2023 (numbers 10-6),…/top-10-us-male-athlete-of…
Yared Nugusse USATF Outdoor Track and Field Championships held at Hayward Field, University of Oregon, July 6-10, 2023, photo by Kevin Morris
5. Did you see our top 10 Americans for 2023, (numbers 5-1),…/top-10-us-male-athlete-of…
Noah Lyles, photo by Mattia Ozbot
6. Here is our Coffee with Larry from Saturday, January 21, 2024,…/coffee-with-larry-cross…
Mike Fanelli leads the pack, Crystal Springs, 1981
7. Here is our special edition of Coffee with Larry on Michael Fanelli, from January 20, 2024,
8. Here is the family-approved obituary for Mike Fanelli,
9. This is another piece from the ARCHIVES , a piece on the late, great Bill Roe, by Mike Fanelli and Peter J. Thompson, REMEMBERING BILL ROE Bill Roe’s Epic Feat at the 1978 AAU Men’s National Cross-Country Championships West Seattle Golf Course, November 25, 1978, by Mike Fanelli and Peter J. Thompson…/remembering-bill-roe-bill… , #billroe, #MikeFanelli, #Peterjthompson, #AAUCrosscountry, #crosscountry, #trackandfieldgarage,
10. How to Appreciate the Current slump at NIKE (it is cyclical),
11. RAK Half Marathon is our sponsor for the next month. The RAK Half Marathon, founded in 2007, is now managed by PACE Events, the team that manages the DUBAI Marathon. RAK is the fastest half marathon in the Middle East, and its fast, sleek course just screams, FASTER, FASTER! To sign up, and find out more (including how to watch it), go to The RAK Half marathon is on February 24, 2024. (sponsored)
Benard Kibet wins the 2023 RAK Half Marathon, photo by Giancarlo Colombo/RAK Organizers
12. Coffee with Larry, Twelve Athletes who enthralled us in 2023, and should go to new heights in 2024 on their Roads to Paris! by Larry Eder,…/coffee-with-larry-twelve… , #NoahLyles, #ShacarriRichardson, #budapest2024, #Paris2024, #Mondoduplantis,
See you tomorrow on #CoffeeWithLarry.
Sha’Carri Richardson wins 100m for US, first time since 2017, photo by Getty Images for World Athletics