This is my daily chat with #RunBlogRun viewers and track fans on all things track & field!
This is Coffee with Larry for Thursday, October 19, 2023.
Our topics:
1. Titus Ekiru gets 10-year ban from Athletics Kenya and Athletics Integrity Unit.
2. Ten years, that means you have truly screwed up; probably a time for life evaluation.
3. Athletics Kenya and AIU are working on cleaning up a challenging and systematic program of cheating in Kenya.
4. Paula Dunn is the new interim Technical director for British Athletics.
5. She is considered a wonderful person and very adept at what she does.
6. Many consider Stephen Maguire’s departure, after the 10 medal haul by British Athletics, to be, well, ill-advised, or possibly worse.
7. Ten months out from Paris, British Athletics is an absolute mess.
8. Thomas Bach and his friends looking to write a constitution addition  to extend his IOC leadership.
9. Our thoughts: Sorry, Thomas, time for some new eyeballs!
10. Some Thoughts on Boston 2013.
11. Lots more!
See you tomorrow!