This is Coffee With Larry for Friday, July 29, 2023.

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Our topics today:

1. Many supporters of British Athletics are out there.

2. British Athletics has a selection process and should stick to it, say their supporters.

3. If athletes who are invited to WC by WA really wanted to go, they would achieve the British standards, say their supporters.

4. I was not casting aspersions on Jack Buckner, who I understand is a thoughtful, well-respected guy.

5. My thought was this: British Athletics has opp to give some athletes a chance to experience WC due to WA invites, why not let them go? Supporters say that those athletes seem “entitled.”

6. I agree to disagree, and my senior writer for Europe and all things British Isles, J. Stuart Weir, does not agree with me, watch for his commentary.

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