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Our topics on October 17, 2023:
1. Big upset in UK Athletics. Stephen Maguire has left.
2. In a tersely worded release, British Athletics notes Stephen Maguire, the man behind the surprise 10 medals of UK in Budapest, is gone.
3. RunBlogRun article by Stuart Weir provides background
4. Dina Asher Smith and Eilish McColgan are among the athletes who have responded.
5. We understand the disagreement between Jack Buckner and Stephen Maguire.
6. Why would you let a successful leader go ten months prior to Paris 2024?
7. This observer wonders out loud what Mr. Buckner was thinking?
8. UK Athletics is a mess and has been since 2018 when they lost money on Anniversary Games.
9. UK Athletics needs to make some hard decisions, and they also cut Birmingham Indoor. What will happen to the Indoor season in the UK in 2024?
10. See you tomorrow.