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This is Tuesday, May 16, 2023, and our podcast, #coffeewithLarry.
Our topics:
1. The Kip Keino Classic was a huge success!
John Carlos, Yaroslava Mahuchikh, Wojciech Nowicki, Ferdinand Omanyala, KIp Keino Classic Presser, photo by Justin Lagat
2. My fave race? The 100 meters for Men and 200m for Women were fantastic.
3. Five ways North American track meets can build interest in their meets:
1. Meets must be promoted more than two weeks out.
2. Having Zoom interviews with the press for two months to six months to build out stories.
3. Stories in local media and email blasts are
key in building interest and knowledge of the meet.
4. Meets need to reach out to local running media, local clubs, and local schools about the event.
5. building rivalries is key to the success of our sport.
4. In February, Bobby Kersee made a point in an interview with me that he wanted to do the LA GP differently. Then, why do you pull Syndey McLaughlin and Athing Mu out of a meet you built around them.?
5. Mudroom Backpacks should be at every track meet in the country; here’s my review:…/witness-the-wonder-world…
6. The NB Nationals is June 15-18, 2023, (sponsored)
7. Do not miss the Largest 10k in the world, on July 4, 2023, the AJC Peachtree 10k, (sponsored.
8. Please read our series, Witness the Wonder, previewing the World Champs in Budapest 2023,…/witness-the-wonder-world…
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