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This is Coffee with Larry for Wednesday, June 5, 2024.

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Our topics today:

1. NCAA Div 1 Track Champs begin today! June 5-8, 2024
LIVE results here:

Leo Neugebauer just won the NCAA decathlon in the new German NR! photo by How Lao Photography

2. European Athletics championships, June 7-12, 2024,

Lamont Marcell Jacobs of Italy in action during the ATHLETICS – MEN’S 100M FINAL at during the European Championships 2022 on August 16, 2022, in Munich, Germany. Photo: Marc Mueller / Munich2022

3. Adrian Martinez Classic, June 8, 2024, Live streaming,

Elle St. Pierre, Mark Coogan, posted on Twitter July 5, 2022, photo by Elle St. Pierre.

4. 16th Portland Track Classic, June 8-9, 2024, free streaming sponsored by Bandit Running, live streaming,

Josh Kerr set the North American all-comers record at 1,500m with his 3:31.55 on June 3, 2021. Photo by How Lao Photography.

5. USATF NYC Grand Prix, Randalls Island, NY, June 9, 2024,,

Noah Lyles, NyC Grand Prix, Photo by Kevin Morris

See you tomorrow on #CoffeewithLarry.

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