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This is Tuesday, May 9, 2023, and this is #coffeewithLarry
1. Today’s topic is Mental Health.
2. Lots is coming out about the death of Tori Bowie, which should, in my mind, be left private.
3. In honor of her, and at the request of several managers, I am using the bully pulpit to discuss mental health.
4. When I went from running 100-140 miles a week, I suffered from depression, mood swings and was difficult to be around.
5. I began walking again, which gave me some solace, and sought out a mental health professional, but it was years later.
6. I was afraid to admit that I had issues that I could not solve; as a father, as the oldest of five, as a business manager, and in my relationships, I needed help.
7. I began mental health counseling in 2002, and continued until 2013.
8. What was it? I was able to work through my various issues, which included depression, drinking too much, PTSD, among other things.
9. Athletes have issues too, and no matter what the level, mental health is a key component.
10. Reach out to a friend, clergyperson, coach, to find someone who can help you with your challenges.
11. Humans do not have all of the answers, so please do not think you are weak when you seek help.
12. If you are considering self harm, call 911 NOW.
14. I am a much healthier person now that I was ten years ago, thanks to mental health intervention.
15. I began seeing a counselor again 5 years ago, when I had heart issues and when I began dating my GF.
16. Talking to another human helps.
17. When I think about Tori Bowie, I think of a fine young athlete who was very hard on herself, who loved fashion, and the athletic world, and who will be missed very much.
18. When you call about getting an
appointment for some support, Just know, no one has all the answers and talking to someone is good for the soul.
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