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This is a Special Edition of Coffee With Larry for Sunday, November 5, 2023.

Our topics!

1. Happy Birthday to my son, Adam Johnson-Eder, who is all of 37 today. He is the joy of my life, and spending time with him, Rachel, Hachi, and Sumo was wonderful.

2. Just back from Uncle Bubba’s funeral and memorial. Spent 3 days with Aunt Gretchen, his wife of 51 years, John, Willard, and Amy, and all of the grandkids and spouses. It was life-affirming.
3. The NYC Marathon was held today.

Adam Johnson-Eder, 1990-91, photo by Christine Johnson

4. Watched it on ESPN2.
5. Pretty good coverage, lots of commercials.
6. Good coverage by John Anderson, Carrie Tollefson, Galen Rupp, Des Linden, Juan Luis Barrios.
7. Big wins in the Big Apple.
8. Tamirat Tola, in his third NYC race, wins in 2:04.58, a new CR, breaking the 12-year-old record of Geoffrey Mutai!

Elite Women, photo by Kevin Morris

9. Hellen Obiri won the women’s race in a sprint finish,
in 2:27.33.

10. Kellyn Taylor, five months after having a baby, 2:29.48 in 8th place.
11. Molly Huddle, who also has a new baby, finished
9th in 2:32.02.
12. Futsum Zienasllassie took 10th in Men’s as first American male. I met Futsum in 2014-2015 at #BrooksPRInvite.
See you #coffeewithLarry