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Incredible first day of the US Champs, here are the top five thoughts by Deji Ogeyingbo:

Grant Holloway sets new WR of 7.27 for 60m hurdles, photo by Kevin Morris, USATF Indoor

USATF Story on the first Day, with complete results:

Tia Jones equals WR of 7.67 at 60m hurdles, photo by Kevin Morris, USATF Indoor

How to watch the US champs, and previews of All events we think are cool:

Vashti Cunningham takes the HJ title with a jump of 1.92m, photo by Kevin Morris, USATF Indoor.

This  Day in Track & Field History, by Walt Murphy’s news and results service, February 16, 2024:

Anna Hall, 2023 USATF Indoor Track & Field Championship
Albuquerque, New Mexico 2023-02-16
photo credit: © 2023 Kevin Morris

Grant Holloway breaks WR in 60m hurdles, Tia Jones equals the 60m hurdle WR, by World Athletics,

Grant Holloway celebrates his WR of 7.27 in the 60m hurdles, photo by Kevin Morris.

Nuguse and St. Pierre excel over 3000m, by Race Results Weekly, used with permission,

Elle St. Pierre takes win at 3,000m, photo by Kevin Morris

Here’s everything you missed from Millrose Games, The Women, by Oliver HInson,

Yaroslava Mahuchikh takes HJ win in 2 meters, photo by Kevin Morris for Millrose Games

Here’s everything you missed from Millrose Games, The Men, by Oliver Hinson,

Yared Nuguse winning mile at Millrose Games, photo by Kevin Morris

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