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This is Coffee With Larry for June 6, 2023
Our topics
1. 79th anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944, Allied forces invaded Occupied Europe by a series of invasions on the Normandy beaches, 10,000 Allied troops died that day, with 6,000 being US soldiers.
2. Irena Szwewinska Meeting today in Bygodszcz, Poland.
3. Paris DL on June 9.
4. FBK Hengelo was fantastic meet.
5. Sifan Hassan doubled at FBK in 10,000m/1,500m.
6. Big 5,000m women’s race in Paris on June 9.
7. Big Women’s 400m race in Paris on June 9.
8. Mondo’s 6.11 at FBK, what will he do in Oslo?
9. NB Outdoor Champs, June 15-18, at
10. Brooks PR Invite on June 14 in Seattle! More details to come.
11. Atlanta Peachtree road race is July 4, 2023, and deadlines for registering are here!
12. World Outdoor Champs, August 19-27 in Budapest, Hungary #WitnesstheWonder