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This is Coffee with Larry for Saturday, June 22, 2024.
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Our topics:
1. Day 1 was superb at the Olympic Trials, with 11,202 official attendees.
The Men’s 10,000m medalists: Woody Kincaid, silver, Grant Fisher, gold, Nico Young, bronze, photo by Chuck Aragon,
2. Some great heats, qualifying from 100m to 5,000m.
The first heat of the W 5000m, Parker Valby, Elle St. Pierre, Kara Schweizer, photo by Chuck Aragon for RunBlogRun
3. Ryan Crouser competed for the first time in 2023 and looked good.
4. Cole Hocker impressed in the 1,500m.
5. Athing Mu is back and moved to the semi-finals.
6. Sha’Carri Richardson entertained and impressed with her 10.88 for the first round of 100m in heat 4.
7. In the 10,000m, Grant Fisher took off with 1000m to go, 62, 60, 58. Woody Kincaid kicked into silver, Nico Young took the bronze, and Drew Hunter ran the best tactical race of his career!
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