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This is #coffeewithLarry for Thursday, April 4 2024!

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Our topics:
1. The Boston Marathon is just 11 days away, April 15, 2024,

Evans Chebet takes the win, 2023 Boston Marathon Weekend
Boston, Ma   April 15-17, 2023
Photo: Errol Anderson@PhotoRun

2. This is the first year of Bank of America sponsorship, which replaced long-time sponsor John Hancock, who began in 1986 and ended in 2023.

3. The NYC Marathon has 165,000 applications for this year, which speaks to the health of the sport.

4. The weekend features the Schneider Electric 2024 Paris Marathon,

02/04/2023 – Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris – Arrivée

5. Check out the ASICS Festival du Running on April 5; you can watch the streaming post at

6. ASICS is doing a very cool event. It’s obvious they spent money to do it right, so why are there no promotions? It is not just ASICS; most brands have little or no clue how to promote their events.

Screenshot of the ASICS Festival de Running, April 5, 2024, photo from ASICS Livestream

7. The Arcadia Invite is happening this weekend. The #ArcadiaInvite is one of the finest high school meets anywhere; in fact, when I visited, it was one of my top five events, elite high school, due to the quality of the fields, the crowd, and the hard work of Rich Gonsalez and his team! You can watch it on #Runnerspace on April 5 and 6.

8. adidas is having its 4th adiZero Festival on April 27! They actually promote their event, and here is the YOU YouTube channel (1.27 million followers). This is how to promote an event:

9. Most events seem to have little or no promotions. Why spend millions for a couple thousand to watch?

10. Here’s a video that we did at the adidas Boost events in 2016, our Promo video:,

our review:

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