Week 1, Day 3, Summer Mileage Program

Welcome to the third day and first week of the 2024 Summer Mileage Program, which runs for ten weeks until mid-September.

Our goal is to build you into a strong cross-country runner. 

We keep it relaxed this week and add, week by week, more challenges and more inspiration! 


Tuesday, July 10, 2024

For Wednesday,  get in a 45-50-minute run in a fantastic part of the day and stay hydrated. Join some friends and keep it fun and relaxed at a pace you can talk at! Add some hills in this run, not too many, say 3-5.

We suggest going to a park, running on a trail, or finding something fun.

Getting Inspired by Steve Prefontaine 

Bill Dellinger, the 1964 Olympic bronze medalist, coached Steve Prefontaine throughout his college career.

One of the points Bill Dellinger made in Tom Jordan’s seminal book on Steve Prefontaine was his consistency.

Dellinger noted, that in his four years at Oregon, Prefontaine never missed a planned workout.

It is never about the easy days, it is about the days when you do not want to run, that make a big difference.

Remember that as you build for the fall season.

Be like Pre, run daily, and get stronger over the summer!

To learn about the late Steve Prefontaine (1951-1975), please read this fantastic book by Tom Jordan ( I have gone through six copies and read it 12 times): https://www.amazon.com/Pre-Americas-Greatest-Running-Prefontaine/dp/0875964575