This is Sunday, February 18, 2024.

This is your long run day.

Your workout:

Warm up slowly,

75-90 minutes of running for juniors and seniors and 65-70 minutes for freshmen and sophomores.



get out of wet clothes,


Valery Tobias. Nia Akins doing some hill work, photo by Johnny Pace for Brooks Beasts TC/Brooks Running


Larry’s Deep Thoughts: Long runs should be done all year long, building up from 60 minutes or so to 90 minutes, then alternating, 90-75-65, and rebuilding back up to 90 minutes. Keep the pace moderate, and add some hills in the course. Hills, in the long run, add to the stress of the workout and also build strength, endurance, and confidence. 

This is the special make for Josh Kerr. This is the Brooks Hyperion Elite LD from Brooks Running


Hyperion Elite 4, photo by Brooks Running. Learn more about this great shoe at