This is Saturday, February 3, 2024.

This is your sixth workout of the week.

We are encouraging you to race.

Your workout today:

Brooks Beasts TC, getting ready for a track day, photo by Zeth Petarka for Brooks Running

Warmup slowly,

30 minutes of easy running,

race a 3k or an 800m,

cooldown slowly,


get out of the wet clothes, and


Larry’s Deep Thoughts: Racing in the early season is a great way to see your fitness level. Test some racing tactics like moving hard in the middle of the race, finishing hard, and pushing the pace. Learn from your races. 

This is the Brooks Cascadia, and it is a great shoe for running on trails. It is a great shoe for your long runs. To learn more about the shoe, please go to
Brooks Wire 8, photo by Brooks Running, is great for 800m to 5,000m. You can find out more at