This is your daily workout for Tuesday, January 30, 2024.

This is a tough day, and we spend it in the hills.

The idea is to make you work hard and prepare you to race well in April, May, and June.

So, we use the secret sauce. I learned this from the late, great Arthur Lydiard and the much-alive and charming Joe Mangan.

When Joe and I coached at Foothill Community College from 1990-1996, I learned a lot from this fine coach and friend. Joe was all about using the natural wonders in Los Altos Hills and getting our athletes fit. We developed a 1:52 800m runner, 3:15 4x400m, a 6400 decathlon /16′ foot pole vaulter, plus a 9:20 3k women runner and two strong cross country teams. We had fun, and so did our athletes, and they learned about the sport and themselves. I do miss those days coaching on our Rekortan surfaced track in Los Altos Hills, CA.

Our workout today:

Warm up slowly,

20 minutes, easy to moderate running,

8 x 500 meter hills, run up hard, jog down,

20 minutes, easy to moderate running,

8 x 250 meter hills, run up hard, jog down,

20 minutes, easy to moderate running,

6 x 150m strideouts, focus on form,

Cooldown slowly,


get out of wet clothes,


Larry’s Deep Thoughts: Why do I have you get out of wet clothes? Especially in the winter, wet clothes will chill you and could open you to a cold, or something worse. Stay focused, get out of wet clothes, hydrate, and snack well (consider Jambar at, with Code Larry-15%Off!). 

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