This is Wednesday, March 6, 2024.

This is your workout for Week 10, Day 3.

Your workout today:

Warm-up today,

45-55 minutes easy to moderate pace,

6 x 150-meter stride-outs,



get out of wet clothes,


Larry’s Deep Thought: Recovery day is a day to reduce the stress in your workout so your body can recover. Keep the day relaxed. 

Bryce Hoppel achieved his dream in Glasgow. Scratch that; Bryce made his dream a reality. He willed it; he wanted it more than anyone else in the race, so he stayed on his feet in Millrose and won. Then, at the US champs, he battled Isaiah Harris for the win and in Glasgow, in a wonderfully physical 800 meters. It was fun to watch but traumatic to compete in, as everyone except the young man from Kansas was thrown off their game.

Bryce kept his cool and, with that last 200 meters, went to the lead and did not allow anyone to go by. No one could have gone by. Bryce Hoppel used his “spidey sense” and knew how to keep some real estate between him and Sweden’s Andreas Kramer.

Be like Bryce. Run with distinction!

Bryce Hoppel, Isaiah Harris, photo by Kevin Morris