This is  Tuesday, April 2, 2024.

This is a Combo day!

Hill Days are to wear you out, so we call it a hard day.

Your workout:

Warm up well,

15 minutes of running, easy to moderate,

8 x 400 meters, at a 2-mile pace, on a flat track or 80 seconds on a flat surface, hard effort

15 minutes of running, easy to moderate,

8 x 200 meters, on track, at Mile pace, or 45 seconds hard on a flat surface

15 minutes running, easy to moderate,

8 x 150 meters, on track or roads, good pace

15 minutes, moderate to easy,

Cooldown well,


get out of wet clothes,



Larry’s Deep Thoughts:

We are moving to the track. We are keeping the pace moderate as we begin speed work. We did the hills for a reason over the winter. Some people keep the hills going all season, and you can. We will vary the speed of work.

Remember to warm up and cool down, hydrate, and stay focused. Finally, do the workouts that your coach suggested. Do not overtrain. Stay focused on the long-term goal.

The senior men’s race, Belgrade, Serbia, 2024 World XC , photo by Randy Miyazaki for Track and Field Photo Magazine