Tuesdays are tough days.

This is your daily training for Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

Week 7, Day 2.

Your workout,


20-minute run,

10x300m hard, 300m jog,

20-minute run,

10 x 300m hard, 300m jog,

20-minute run,

6×150 meter stride-outs,



recover, get wet clothes off, change into dry clothes,

Larry’s Deep Thoughts:

This is one of my favorite workouts.

This was our Tuesday workout at Bellarmine from January to March 1975. We ran on our 352-yard dirt track from 1912, rain or shine. I recall doing this workout in heavy rain. We got out there. Chris Schenone, Bob Flores, Bob Lucas, Pete Dolan, John Beall, Nicky Pelinga, Chris Sakamaki, and I was out there with senior Dan Greeny and star Larry Goode.

After twelve weeks of that Tuesday workout and 660-yard runs on Thursdays, we ran Time Trials at 880 miles and 2 miles. We all ran PBs in those runs. I ran a 2:10 for 880 yards, 4:56 for a mile (my first time under five minutes), and 10:56 for 2 miles (my PB by over a minute). That season changed my life, thanks to coach Steve Pensinger, who we worshipped.

Forty-nine years later, I can close my eyes and hear Bob Lucas laughing at something Chris Schenone said. I can see Pete Dolan trying to figure us out and Nicky Pelingua following up with a good joke.

Make your own personal history. Have fun while you run. Live with abandon! Track and Field can change your life!

adidas Intervall spike, circa 1974, I used a similar spike, a photo from eBay.