Our training weeks begin on Monday.

This is your daily training for Monday, April 15, 2024.

Week Six, Day 1.

You need an easy day after a race on Saturday and a long run on Sunday.

Your workout,


45-55 minutes of moderate running,

6×150 meter stride-outs,



recover, get wet clothes off, change into dry clothes,

Larry’s Deep Thoughts:

This is the six week of training. You are probably feeling pretty darn good now and seeing your fitness increase. Ensure you drink 10-12 glasses of water (8-12 ounces) daily, perhaps some NUUN hydration. Watch carbonated beverages and caffeine ( 2 cups okay, tea, coffee, a soda). 

Take the time to stretch. If you have access to a chiropractor, check it out. I am using one now, and it has changed my life. Check the life of your shoes. There are lots of good ones out there. We suggest checking out brands like Brooks Running, which have a variety of shoes for your needs. Two good pairs of training shoes are an excellent investment; purchase them at a local running store to try different brands. 

Stretching is so important. Start with the big muscles, then isolate and work on more specific muscles. Pull-ups, push-ups, and bent-leg sit-ups are essential as well. 

Pack a bag or backpack with dry clothes, dry shoes, snacks, and water, and keep it with you. 

You should be running PBs. In my junior year, after a long winter of training, I ran PBs at 880 miles and 2 miles at the beginning of the season and six straight weeks of mile PBs. In my senior year, I ran PBs at a mile and 2 miles. I ran in NIKE Pre Montreals my senior year in Spring 1976. I ran in Brooks Villanova spikes in my junior year, in the Spring of 1975.

You can, too! Keep the easy days easy!


NIKE Pre Montreal track spike, 1975, photos by Sotheby’s