This is Thursday, June 6, 2024.

This is Week 12, Day 4.

20-minute warm-up

8 x 200m cut downs, jog, walk 200m in between, pace is 800m pace

20-minute cooldown,

6 x 150m stride-outs,



get out of your wet clothes,



Larry’s Deep Thoughts:

Speed is key now.

After 24 weeks of training, the big races are here. Whether they are all-comers meets, state meets, AAU meets, USATF regional meets, or NIKE NON, New Balance Outdoor is almost here!

Your speed work now will add the final touch to your training.

If you have finished the season, take two weeks of easy running.

If you are racing still, stay focused, you are ready for great things!

Georgie Griffith, AUS, ran a huge PB at 3,000m in her win in Oslo last Thursday. It was a brilliant finish! photo by Diamond League AG