The NIKE Pre-Classic pressers have truly evolved.

Katherine Merry and Paul Swangard were the co-hosts.

Katie Moon, Olympic champion, World Champion (twice), Women’s Pole Vault 

Katie Moon is the Olympic champion, the World Champion, and one of the most ferocious competitors in any event. Katie has spoken to RunBlogRun on many occasions, with Stuart Weir, on the challenges of being an elite athlete and on being a World and  Olympic Champion! Katie has had some Achilles problems, and this is a bit of a shakedown cruise. Katie will be ready for the 2024 U.S. Olympic Trials and Paris 2024.

Katie Moon, USATF National Indoor Track & Field Championship
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States, photo by Kevin Morris

Oh, and remember, the Katie Moon Pole Vault Classic is June 8, 2024, at Olmstead High School in Olmstead, Ohio!

To read more about Katie Moon, check out here:

Joe Kovacs, two-time World Champion (two-time WC silver, one bronze), two-time Olympic silver, Men’s Shot Put 

“Hitting the mulch”

Joe Kovacs has a shot put ring in his backyard. He knows it is a long throw when he hits the mulch! Joe told the media today.

Joe Kovacs hit 22.93m last week at the USATF LA Grand Prix. He also had five throws over 22 meters last week, and ANY of his six throws would have won the Men’s shot put.

Kovacs is fiercely competitive, and he knows that he is completing his throws and that he is fit. What can he do in Pre tomorrow? Joe loves competing at Hayward Field, and in this podcast, you will hear him say, “There is definitely Hayward Magic.”

Joe Kovacs was the defending champion in the shot put, a 2 time WC; in Eugene, he took silver, in the World Athletics Championships
Eugene, Oregon, USA, by Kevin Morris
July15-26, 2022
shot put final, Kovacs, USA,

Joe Kovacs has a personal best of 23.23 meters. He will compete against Tom Walsh, a former World champion and Olympic bronze medalist (twice). They will be battling each other. Remember, Kovacs, Walsh, and Crouser were in the Greatest Shot Put competition in history, the World Championships in Doha 2019, where all three men were over 22.90 meters.

Ryan Crouser had a torn pec and then bothered his elbow. He pulled out of the shot put to train solely for the US Olympic Trials (June 21-30). Joe Kovacs also has that as a goal, and Ryan and Joe representing the US in Paris would be the dream!

Jorinde Van Klinken, Netherlands shot put/discus talent, former Duck, talks about the throws

Jorinde Van Klinken, photo from YouTube video