This is Saturday, August 5, 2023.

This weekend, try a race over 5k if you can. Otherwise, try a 5k next weekend.

We suggest races every other weekend as you build to fall cross country.

Today, Warm-up, get in 2-3 miles, then run a flat 5k, go out well, and try to run the last 800m hard, jog recovery 2 miles, cooldown.

You should run a decent 5k now, just short of some quality work.

We will use the 5k today for your tempo work during the next five weeks.

The picture above is of Olivia Markeczich, who took the steeplechase title at the NCAA Division I Champs for her uni, Notre Dame. Olivia just was the guest on our podcast, #SocialingtheDistance. Olivia will be running her fifth season with her twin, Andrea, who just transferred from Washington. Olivia ran a 10-second PB at NCAA of 9:25.03. At the USATF Champs, Olivia took 4th in 9:17.93, another PB.

What a way to end her season.

And yesterday, Olivia signed an NIL with On running!