This is Tuesday, April 25, 2023.

This is day two, Week 6 of the RunBlogRun Spring Training for Middle Distances, 800 m-5000m.  Today is our second week of tempo runs. Tempo runs help middle-distance runners develop strength and endurance. Our tempo run is 20 minutes, and we ask you to run it at 20 seconds over your current average mile pace for 5k.

So, if you are running a 5k in 16:30 now, that is a 5:20 pace, and you would run your tempo at a 5:40 pace. 

So, if you can run 18:45 minutes for the 5k, you would be racing at a six-minute pace. You would run your Tempo Run at a 6:20 mile pace.

We suggest you run the tempo on a track or a non-traveled piece of road.

Workout out, warm up slowly, jog for 15 minutes, do a few stride outs, then a 20-minute tempo run at 20 seconds per mile over your current 5k race pace, move into a 30-minute easy run, stretch for the cooldown, and hydrate.