This is Week Two, day seven, and your workout for Sunday, July 2, 2023.

This is your workout for today.

This is the last day of your recovery weeks, so we will keep it mellow.

Warm up today for 45 minutes-55 minutes, have an easy run on trails with your friends, cool down, and hydrate.

Oh, and as we begin Summer mileage for cross country, we heartily suggest that coaches across the country have their 400-meter flat and 400m hurdles considered cross country. The late Lee Evans ran cross country at San Jose State (he set WR at 400m in 1968), when XC in college was 4 miles. 400-meter hurdle runners can handle and benefit from the strength of the cross country.

Just about 600,000 high schoolers will run cross country in 2023, it is a glorious sport, do. Not miss our program, starting tomorrow.