This is Monday, November 13, 2023.

This is a recovery day for a Monday.

Your workout today is,

Warm-up well,

45-55 minutes of moderate running,

then, 6 x150m stride outs,

Slow Cooldown.

You will note that all during the year, I include six stride outs of 150 meters in our daily runs.


I learned that from Gary Goettlemann of Ryan’s Sports in Santa Clara, CA. A long-time coach,

a fine athlete and a man who inspired many, Gary passed away last spring.

I met Gary in 1977 and he encouraged me in my running, but more importantly, he encouraged me in

my personal life, when I was having some tough times.

I think of Gary, his son Steve, and his wife, Gail, often.

They were true champions of running in the South Bay.