Scott Fauble ran a masterful race in Boston.

For the third year in a row, Scott Fauble took 7th in the Boston Marathon!

Scott went out with the pack, hitting the 5k in 14:25, eight seconds behind the leaders.

Fauble hit the 10k in 29:31, with the leaders hitting the 10k in 28:52.

Scott kept his pace smart, hitting 15k in 44.56 and 20k in 1:00.35.

Fauble hit the half marathon in 1:03.59, which was 1:47 behind the lead pack, which hit the HM in 1:02.12

Scott Fauble began to move, hitting 25k in 1:16.07 and 30k in 1:31.43.

At the 30k, runners began to come back. This is Fauble’s talent (well, one of them); Scott keeps his cool

as his competitors are faltering.

Scott Fauble, Boston Marathon Weekend
April 14-17, 2022, photo by Kevin Morris

Scott was running at a 5:02 pace when he hit 32.2 k, hitting 20 miles in 1:38.33.

33.8k in 1:43.50, 35k in 1:47.26, and 38.6 miles, or 24 miles in 1:58.38.

Scott Fauble kept his cool, hitting 40k in 2:02.55 and 40.6k in 2:04.48.

Fauble hit the marathon finish in 2:09.44, hitting the last mile in 4;52, taking seventh for the

third straight year.

Scott Fauble, Boston Marathon Weekend
April 14-17, 2022, photo by Kevin Morris

The media asked Scott Fauble a few questions. Here’s what Scott had to say:

Question 1: Tell us about your consistency in Boston? 

“I’d love to be less consistent and finish higher. Every time I’ve tried to make good decisions out there and tried to close really hard and it’s ended up being 7th.”

Question 2: How do you stay patient? 

“I would have loved to have gone out with that pack, but they were too fast. Most of them blew up, even Eliud Kipchoge. I almost caught him. I had a positive split for the race. I don’t know if I was that patient; I just knew that going out in the 62’s–I think they went out in the low 62’s–was going to be a bad decision. I still went out the fastest I’ve ever gone out in a marathon, and I was slowing down to that. I was very fast through 10 miles, through 10K. I would love to not be considered patient, but I can’t go out in 62 minutes in the marathon. I have to make good decisions for me on a race day, and that was being in the second pack and really trying to hunt that last half marathon and having faith I was going to be able to run people down. It took a lot longer than usual; I didn’t start catching people until the last mile. I want to be able to go out in the front pack, I really do; I promise you I know that’s the only way to win this race, the only way to be on the podium; you can’t backdoor it. At the same time, going out in 62 minutes is over my head.

Question 3: Did you track Eliud Kipchoge at the end of the race? 

“I didn’t notice that it was Kipchoge ahead of me; I was pretty locked in my battle until about 80 meters to go. I was focused on winning my group and trying to finish as high as possible. I didn’t realize it was Kipchoge until afterward.”

Special thanks to Chris Lotbom, Director, Race Communications & Media, for his kind assistance in my remote coverage of the 2023 Boston Marathon.