This is an interview with Yared Nuguse, who now owns indoor ARs at 3,000m (7:28.24) and the mile (3:47.38). This interview was completed with help from Andrew Wheating and Ana Alarcon of On Running, and always, the support of Coach Dathan Ritzenhein. 

In this world of remote coverage, live coverage, and remote Live coverage, we juggle our resources.

Andrew Wheating, Olympian, former Duck, and now, Manager of On Athletics Club, was kind enough to improvise and ask Yared Nuguse seven questions after his American record performance in the 3000m on January 27, 2023. At the BU track, Yared ran 7:28.24, breaking a ten-year-old record of 7:30.16 set by Galen Rupp!

Yared Nuguse breaks 3000m AR at John Thomas Terrier Classic Indoor Track & Field, photo by Kevin Morris

Yared Nuguse made the Olympic team in 2021, but, developing an injury, was unable to compete. Now running for ON Athletics Club, under the watchful eye of Dathan Ritzenhein, Yared has found the support, training, self-confidence, and culture to develop into the amazing athlete that Dathan has believed that he is. (We interviewed Dathan a couple years ago, as he was founding OAC, see here).

Dathan Ritzenhein and Yared Nuguse, John Thomas Terrier Classic Indoor Track & Field, photo by Kevin Morris

The Seven questions, follow, the answers are on the Sound Cloud link below.

1. Yared, congrats on your AR on Friday night, were you surprised by the race?
2. Tell us about key workouts that helped you appreciate what level of shape that you are in?
3. With the AR at 3,000m, are we going to see you moving up to 5,000m or will you stay at 1,500m?
4. Tell us about training with the OAC, do you train together each day, and how does it work?
5. Will we see you any more indoors?
6. What shoe do you train in, what is your racing shoe/
7. If you were speaking to a room full of high school athletes, what would you tell them about being patient as your career develops?
8. Did Dathan give you any advice before the race?
9. What are your goals for 2023?
On February 11, 2023, Yared broke the American record for the mile, running 3:47.38. Yared ran with teammates Ollie Hoare, and Mario Garcia Romo, hitting the 800m in 1:52.99, thanks to the master pacing by Eric Sowinski. By 1200m, Yared was on his own, flying down the straights, like a runner in full fitness trying to challenge his limits!
Yared Nuguse, Ollie Hoare,
The Millrose Games
at The Armory Track
New York, NY
2023-02-11, photo by Kevin Morris

The crowd roared as Yared crossed the line, almost taking the WR, with his fine 3:47.38. Yared enjoyed the accolades of the always demonstrative Millrose squad.

Yared Nuguse is a prime example of how wonderful an elite club can be for the team, with a strong culture and visionary coach and truly supportive brand! Yared Nuguse is beginning his journey to gold!

Next run for Yared? The Madrid WIT meet on February 22, 2023, and a fast 1,500 meters!




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