This is my piece on Woody Kincaid’s exciting AR at 5,000 meters. Woody seems like a gutty guy, and he is most definitely fit! Check out the FloTrack coverage of the Boston Terrier Classic. I had not watched Flotrack in some time and I must say, what a great job on tempering the announcing by allowing geeks like me to actually watch the races! 

Joe Klecker and Woody Kincaid battle over 5000m, John Terrier Classic Indoor Track & Field, photo by Kevin Morris

So, it’s 11.30 PM in Wisconsin, I have just finished my story on Yared Nuguse’s AR at 3000 meters. I had finished my stories on INIT Karlsruhe and am planning Lilac GP coverage for Saturday, and waiting for photos from How Lao at Spokane’s PODIUM stadium. Just as How’s photos arrive, I get a note on Woody Kincaid’s brilliant 5,000 meters.

I find the video on YouTube (check out the FloTrack coverage, (they did a wonderful job, and sure do not want Mark Florio mad at me), then I watch Jonathan Gault’s kick-ass interview with Woody and Joe Klecker. Jonathan is a total pro, and he loves the sport, his interview with Woody is quite poignant.

Ollie Hoare, Commonwealth Games gold medalist at 1,500 meters, should get some serious credit for his pushing the first 4,000 meters. Just an observation, Ollie is pretty darn fit, what the heck is this guy going to do this season? But, I have to tell you, Joe Klecker is fit, you can open a bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola with his cheekbones (I love Mexican Coke, but can not drink it), he is so fit.

The battle is on, Joe Klecker battles Woody Kincaid, John Terrier Classic Indoor Track & Field, photo by Kevin Morris

I love Joe Klecker. I know both of Joe’s parents, Janice was an Olympic marathoner and I remember how tough his Dad was in the old days.  Joe, he is a Beastmaster.

The problem is, so is Woody Kincaid. In 2021, Woody won the 10,000m at the Olympic Trials and took 3rd in the 5,000 meters. In 2022, Woody fought injuries and lost his father. In his interview with Jonathan Gault from LetsRun, Woody noted that he needed a change.

Since the beginning of 2023, Woody has been training at Northern Arizona University with Luis Grijalva and the squad under Coach Michael Smith. Woody had spent a couple of months training by himself, and he got himself pretty darn fit.

Woody with his training partners at NAU,
John Thomas Terrier Classic Indoor Track & Field, photo by Kevin Morris

In the 5,000m on Friday night, Joe Klecker was hell-bent on getting under 13 minutes in the 5000m. Joe busted his butt to stay with Ollie Hoare for the first 4,000 meters. After that point, Joe Klecker and Woody Kincaid, who had been going from third to ninth, was there with Joe and Joe tried to break it open.

With 400 meters and two laps to go, Joe Klecker had almost two seconds on Woody Kincaid. Somehow, Woody wound it up, and over the last 200 meters, Woody ran 28 seconds to Joe’s 31 seconds.  That was the difference.

Woody Kincaid wins, in AR in 12:51.61, and Joe Klecker was second in 12:54.99!

Joe Klecker tries to break Woody Kincaid, John Terrier Classic Indoor Track & Field, photo by Kevin Morris

The splits at 1000m; 2:37.62 at 1k, 2;36 at 2k, 2:35 at 3k (7:48), 2:35 (10:23), and the final 1000 meters in 2:22!

Woody Kincaid has a wicked kick, and if he can smell the blood of a competitor, he will persevere.

In the post-race interviews, Woody Kincaid said he was surprised by how fast he ran that night. He and Joe Klecker went under 13 minutes! Pretty darn impressive.

Woody Kincaid enjoys the moment, John Terrier Classic Indoor Track & Field, photo by Kevin Morris

Do not be surprised if Woody Kincaid ends up at the 10k event being held by Sound Running, now in its third year.

We wish Woody Kincaid the time and capacity to decide on a good training situation for him, and only Woody can make that decision. Kincaid told Jonathan Gault that the decision to take a break from Bowerman TC was very complicated, “It is not just about Shelby’s situation, (Shelby Houlihan positive drug case) and…no one wants to go to Eugene.”

This guy is fit, and he will get faster if he can find the right situation. We hope that his sponsors give him a break and let him find a program that makes sense. Losing one’s father is a big deal, give the guy some breathing room.

Congrats Woody Kincaid on your amazing 5,000m American record last night!

And I have to say, I love that Joe Klecker and Woody Kincaid can battle each other! That is true sports entertainment.

Woody Kincaid enjoys the accolades, John Terrier Classic Indoor Track & Field, photo by Kevin Morris






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