It’s Josh Kerr’s fault. I saw his Instagram about this 20x300m workout he did before he ran a fast half marathon in San Diego on December 17, 2022, where he ran 1:03.45.  Then, I saw Danny Mackey, his coach post on IG about Brooks Beasts at high altitude. So, I sent 10 questions to Danny Mackey (see here), and then, seven questions to all of the Brooks Beasts TC. Josh Kerr answered first, so he gets posted first.

I like Josh Kerr’s aggressive style in racing and his focus on his goals. You can see our Socialing the Distance program with Josh from 2021 (see here). 

TOKYO, JAPAN – AUGUST 07: Bronze medalist Josh Kerr of Team Great Britain stands on the podium during the medal ceremony for the Men’s 1500m on day fifteen of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium on August 07, 2021, in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images) for British Athletics

This is a fun, relaxed 7 questions with Josh Kerr. Thanks to Josh Kerr for his time, honesty, and enthusiasm, and thanks to Jazmine Graham, Brooks PR goddess for expediting the process. 

Please enjoy Seven Questions with Josh Kerr, Brooks Beasts TC, and Olympic bronze medalist at 1,500 meters. Josh Kerr gives us a view into the psyche of a highly focused, confident and fit world-class athlete. Josh Kerr will debut in 2023 at the 115th Millrose Games on Saturday, February 11, 2023.

RunBlogRun, #1. What was your first experience in the sport of running?

Josh Kerr, Tokyo 2021 Olympics, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

Josh Kerr: My first experience in the sport of running was in a summer camp back in Scotland when I was 8 years old. We did everything from sprinting to foam javelin. It was obvious early where my strengths were, but it was awesome to experience everything at first. In the UK we do everything through the club system, so I ran for Edinburgh AC which is my home city, and just went after school to train.

RunBlogRun, #2: What were your first experiences like in cross country?

Josh Kerr takes 2021 British Champs Title at 1,500 meters over Jake Wightman, June 26, 2021, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

Josh Kerr: Cross country was the first ever race that I ran. I raced with my brother, and we got 1 and 2 in a short 2.5k race. I loved that the result was always determined by my performance, and I didn’t have to rely on anyone! My brother constantly reminds me who won that race and to this day it still annoys me.

RunBlogRun, #3: How long does it take you to acclimatize to high altitude?


Josh Kerr: I went to the University of New Mexico, so I’ve dealt with a lot of altitude training over the past 8 years. For me,

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I would say it takes less time before ripping a hard session than a regular runner, but the initial hit will bring you right back to reality if you test it too much. I can normally start to run harder three days in.

RunBlogRun, #4: What is your favorite Netflix addiction?

Josh Kerr, breaking NA record for 1,500m, held by Seb Coe, photo by How Lao Photography/

Josh Kerr: VERY late to the party but my fiancé and I have started Game of Thrones and loving it!

RunBlogRun, #5: What is your favorite book?

Doha 2019, Jake Wightman and Josh Kerr battle in the World Athletics final of the Men’s 1,500 meters, photo by Getty Images for British Athletics

Josh Kerr: I very much enjoy autobiography and digging into the ins and outs of highly successful people. My favorite would be Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. He just has a way of telling a story that could entice any reader.

RunBlogRun, #6: Do you have a favorite quote?

Josh Kerr, Olympic bronze medalist, 1,500m, World Athletics Championships
Eugene, Oregon, USA
July15-26, 2022
1500 meters, Kerr, Great Britain GBR, Brooks, photo by Kevin Morris

Josh Kerr: “Be ruthless with things that don’t matter” this is a quote originally came from Ryan Holidays’ Daily Stoic book. I however heard it from my mindfulness coach when he was trying to zone me in on my one goal of performing at the Olympics, by finding things that suck time and energy out of me with little or no gain.

RunBlogRun, #7: What are your goals for 2023?

The grind, Josh Kerr and Brooks Beasts TC teammates working out, photo courtesy of Brooks Running/Josh Kerr FB site

Josh Kerr: My goal as always in 2023 is progress. Progress from what I have achieved thus far in my career and push the boundaries of that. For me, that is either silver or gold at the world championships. I want to regain my British 1500m title that was rudely taken off me this year by 2022’s world champion – Jake Wightman. Finally, I want to show the world how good Brooks products are, I do this by racing the way I described earlier.


To learn a little more about the coach/athlete relationship, check out this piece on Danny Mackey and Josh Kerr, (see here). 

Coach Danny Mackey with Josh Kerr and Brooks Beasts TC teammates, photo by Paul Merca /@paulmerca70601




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