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In this, the second of our new program, For Shoe Geeks, we discuss the Hyperion MAX and the Brooks running company. Brooks was founded in 1914 and is the top-performance running shoe company in performance running, with just over $1 billion in sales. While many know the brand for shoes like the Beast, Glycerin, Ghost, and Adrenalin, brands must always innovate.

I ran in my the first Brooks shoe in 1975. It was the Brooks Villanova suede track spike, and I broke five minutes for the mile the very first time in that spike, so lots of affection for the brand. It is fascinating to see how the top brands build great shoes and build their conversations with the consumer.

The Hyperion MAX is an example of that evolution. A high-tech performance training shoe, meant for athletes interested in speed and fast running, this shoe is not for everybody, but it is getting many fans in the performance running culture.

I like the attention to detail, the light, but secure ride, and the comfort of the heel counter.

At this time, there are 48-50 brands putting out models in running, trail running, and walking in the U.S. In my belief, the brands that succeed have key models that evolve slightly each year, supporting the needs of the followers of the shoe model but also encouraging new users.

I do not recommend shoes like the Hyperion MAX for young runners, not because it is a not great shoe, as I think it is, but just because people with developing growth plates should be careful with some of the so-called SUPER shoes which is what the Hyperion MAX is, a high tech shoe that controls how the stress gets to the legs and is perfect for many of the elite runners who are pushing their Personal bests.

Brooks Running has great models of shoes for nearly every runner, and I encourage runners to go to local running stores and try on several models of the brands that they prefer. The Brooks Hyperion MAX is a very special shoe! Check it out.

Special thanks to photo/video by Star Gazer Pix

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