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This is Coffee With Larry for Monday, January 16, 2023.
1. Today is Martin Luther King’s birthday. Consider what he stood for, what he gave his life for today.
2. Hobbs Kessler is rounding into shape, with a 2:20.76 and 3:57.11 mole this week. Nice second by Morgan Geadlescomb (a new adidas pro), and Mason Ferlic (I love his Twitter handle, @heybigbird) broke 4 for first time.
3. Mason Ferlic will see big improvements in steeple this coming year.
4. Looking forward to NB Indoor GP on Feb.4! Noah Lyles vs. Trayvon Bromell, Jake Wightman, Gabby Thomas all there!
5. The NB Indoor Champs, March 10-12, coming soon, check out the site for info,
6. Looking forward to Albequerque! USATF Indoors coming mid February!
7. Dubai International Marathon is a great place for emerging elite to get a fine race early in season, do not miss it!
8. Our book today, Another Hurdle, by David Hemery, David was the 1968 Olympic gold medalist at 400m hurdles. His book is superb.
Another Hurdle, book by David Hemerey
9. A belated happy birthday wish to Jeff Benjamin, our senior writer on East Coast.
10. A belated happy birthday to Ian Stewart, European, Commonwealth and Olympic medalists, coach, meet producer, and good friend.
11. Maurie Plant Meet-Melbourne is February 23, 2023, a great salute to an important supporter of our sport. We miss him.





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