This is Thursday, March 2, 2023.

This is day 4, Week Nine for the RunBlogRun Winter Training Block.

Today is a hill day, it is part of the secret sauce of many training programs.

Some athletes, like Rob De Castella, World Champ marathoner, and 4 time Olympian, used hills all year long in his training programs. The great Arthur Lydiard suggested hills be used in a build-up to the race season. Four-time Oly gold medalist Lasse Viren used 800m hills to build speed as he wanted to keep pressure off his Achilles.

For your workout today, warm up well, a 6 x 50-meter hill, jog down, 6 x 100m hill, jog down, 6 x 150m hill, jog down, 30 minutes moderate running to easy, then, cool down slowly.





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