This is your workout for Tuesday, January 24, 2023.

The Swedish word for “speed play” is Fartlek.

Most modern training systems use fartlek and the workouts com in a variety of shapes and durations.

Gosta Holmer, an Olympian in 1912 and 1920 was the head Swedish national cross country coach in the 1930s.

His team was not doing well, so he looked at his program and came up with Fartlek, a way to incorporate natural surroundings into a modified interval program.

I learned about fartlek in the 1970s at DeSmet, where we would sneak on a local golf course, and charge up all of the hills on the course, as well as looking to avoid the greens keepers.

Your workout for today: warm-up, 50-minute fartlek, 15 times one minute hard, one minute easy, 10 minutes at the front and 10 minutes after fartlek session, cooldown slowly.





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