This is the beginning of the Spring 2023 training program from RunBlogRun. We have provided training programs online since 1998. This program comes from discussions with coaches all over the planet, plus real-life experience with high school, community college, and college athletes. Special thanks to Terry Ward, Joe Mangan, Bill Squires, Arthur Lydiard, Emil Zatopek, Gary Goettelman, Ron Warhurst, Pat Clohesey, and Dan Durante, among others.

The biggest advice that I can provide coaches and athletes is to listen and observe. Be willing to learn each and every day and realize that running fast, throwing, or jumping far is only part of the plan. Being a good person is the most important part of one’s journey.

Your workout today is a nice slow stretching plan in your warm-up, 45-55 minutes in a local park, relaxed, 6 x 150 meter stride outs, relaxed, and then, a nice slow cooldown. And check your shoes!




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