This is our sheet on how to enjoy the Dubai Marathon in 2023. I will be watching it with you and covering it remotely. Pat Butcher and Tim Hutchings will do a great job in the streaming video. Do not miss it! 

RunBlogRun has covered the Dubai Marathon since its very first year. This year, 2023 is monumental. Why? Well, after three years, 1, 115 days, due to the pandemic, the 2023 Dubai Marathon has returned, thanks to support by Dubai Duty-Free, adidas running and a team of sponsors!

The marathon will happen at 5:50 AM Dubai time on February 12, 2023. This is the first time that the oldest and largest marathon in the Middle East.

The free streaming has been finalized at 1:50 UTC, 5:50 AM Dubai local time on February 12, 2023. In the US, the program will be shown at 5.50 PM Pacific, 7:50 PM Central, 8:50 PM Eastern, right after the 115th Millrose Games!

Here’s the embed!

This is Larry Eder’s comments on the Dubai Marathon, you can watch his LIVE updates via FB, Twitter and IG:

“The Dubai marathon is one of the best-orchestrated marathons that I have ever seen. The support, the volunteers, and the officials all make it happen. Changing the marathon course as they did is pretty impressive. The fields are always good; each year, more locals and ex-pats compete in 4k, 10k, or the marathon. It is great to see sponsors continue to support the race and I think American and European elites should consider this race to run a qualifying time for WC and Olympic standards in the future. I know that Peter Connerton (the race director) and Alan Ewans (media communications director) would love that!”

Your links to enhance your enjoyment of the 2023 Dubai Marathon: 

The 2023 Dubai Marathon has a new course, plus timing on the FREE Streaming video!

Here is the inside scoop on the Men’s field at the 2023 Dubai Marathon:

Here is the inside scoop on the Women’s field at the 2023 Dubai Marathon:

Here is the story of Asefa Mekkonen, returning after nine years to his victory in Dubai in 2014:




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